Flamma horacalcum

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Flamma horacalcum
(Magic item)
Aura Moderate evocation
Caster Level 20
Type Minor artifact
Slot none

Source: The Dead Heart of Xin, pg(s). 58

The flamma horacalcum is a small ball of fire from the Plane of Fire combined with energy from the Demiplane of Time and encased in a horacalcum container. In addition to providing variable levels of illumination, the flamma horacalcum can help the bearer bend time in various ways. Known powers include improving reaction time in battle, casting haste, and casting searing light. Extinguishing the flame causes a time stop once each week. When lit at its highest setting and carried in areas where destructive fire magic has been used, the flamma horacalcum may show events from the near or long past.[1]


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