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Brandon Hodge

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Brandon Hodge
Hometown Austin, TX
Position Freelance contributor

Brandon Hodge first stormed into the world of Pathfinder with his module From Shore to Sea, the first patronage project written for the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting. When not busy writing, Brandon owns a store specializing in gifts and esoterica and a steampunk candy shop.

Pathfinder credits

Title Date Volume (Page)
Bestiary 66"Bestiary" #66 1301January 2013 PF66 (76)
Bestiary 71"Bestiary" #71 1306June 2013 PF71 (82)
Esoteric Order"Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye" 1104April 2011 PF44 (70)
Dead Heart of XinThe Dead Heart of Xin 1301January 2013 PF66 (6)
Feast of Ravenmoor 1109September 2011 FoR
From Shore to Sea 1006June 2010 FStS
"Guns, Spirits, and Revolution" 1306June 2013 PF71 (62)
Haunts"Haunts: The Unquiet Dead" 1103March 2011 PF43 (64)
Occult Mysteries 1405May 2014 OM
Rasputin Must Die! 1306June 2013 PF71 (6)
Shadows of Gallowspire"Shadows of Gallowspire" 1107July 2011 PF48 (6)
Zolurket Mines"Zolurket Mines" 1107July 2011 DoG (54)
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