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(Alchemical item)
Type Drug

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 216

Flayleaf is a wiry shrub with reddish-brown leaves that grows in almost any temperate environment. Leaves are harvested and dried, and when smoked produce a powerful sedative and hallucinogenic effect similar to drunkenness. [1] Harvesting the leaves of this drug are dangerous due to the Flayleaf spiders that live on the plants.[1]

As a drug

It is also a powerful analgesic and muscle relaxant, rendering the user immune to most pain for up to four hours. It also causes the user to become very susceptible to suggestion.[1] The berries of the flayleaf plant are sometimes crushed and mixed with dream spider venom and spiderberry tea to produce a potent hallucinogen called Riddleport Tea.[2] Unlike its cousin, the cabble-weed, flayleaf is highly addictive.[3] Cost varies across regions, with a full pouch of it selling for around 12 gold pieces in the highly permissive city of Riddleport in Varisia.[4]


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