Francyne Magga

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Francyne Magga
Francyne Magga
Titles General Lord; Territorial Governor of Umbral Basin
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Rogue 11
Gender Female
Homeland Doommark, Umbral Basin, Molthune
Organization General Lords
Companion(s) Maree Vonn

Source: Lands of Conflict, pg(s). 9

General Lord Francyne Magga rules over the Umbral Basin province of Molthune from its seat in Doommark. She sponsors espionage campaigns both within and outside of Molthune, particularly Nidal. Her second-in-command is Maree Vonn, an unnervingly stealthy fetchling.[1][2]

While other General Lords do not completely trust her, Magga is respected as a spymaster, revered as a hero in Doommark, and famed for the well-trained ravens that accompany her.[2]


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