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A fetchling.
Type Outsider
CR Varies by class
Environment Shadow Plane
Adjective Fetchling
Images of fetchlings

Source: Inner Sea Races, pg(s). 172-173
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Fetchlings, sometimes known as kayal,[1] are descendants of humans who long ago became trapped on the Shadow Plane.[2]


Warped by the alien energies of the Shadow Plane, fetchlings have become extremely slender in build, with stark white or black hair and pale yellow eyes. To combat their monochromatic nature, they often dye their hair with vivid colors acquired from plane-traveling merchants.[2]


As they are aware of their extraplanar origins, they often serve as middlemen between visitors to the Shadow Plane and its other native inhabitants. They make up nearly the majority of Shadow Absalom, although they do not rule it.[2]


Paizo Inc. published an article on fetchlings in Inner Sea Races, pages 172-173 and in Blood of Shadows pp. 6ff.

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