Frost fir

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Frost fir

Temperate or cold forests
Source: The Snows of Summer, pg(s). 84

Frost firs are evil trees that are primarily located in cold and high-elevation regions. While they do not get along with arboreal regents, some scholars believe frost firs are an offshoot race that preferred evergreens; others believe they are a separate race from the First World.1

They prefer to be left alone, especially during their reproductive process. Frost firs will attack intruders and those who use fire until the offending parties have retreated. The attacks come at night, if possible. Frost firs like to capture their opponents, either in pit traps or by grappling and pinning them. Captives are killed and bled at the nursery to fertilize the soil of their young; the bones make grisly territorial markers.2

Alchemists use the resin from a frost fir to craft improved tanglefoot bags.2


Frost firs are asexual. They reproduce by gathering in windy areas to allow pollen to be exchanged; this sacred time is called Highwind. While all frost firs can reproduce by themselves if necessary, those who are prolific enough to fertilize up to six cones at a time earn the title of Elder Fir. Fertilized cones are planted in a sacred area and look like sprouting evergreens for two years, called the Loaming. After these two years, the young frost firs become sentient can start to move and contribute to the grove. Stunted young never achieve this milestone and remain a simple tree; frost firs often return to spots of such tress to mourn.2

Frost firs live for about 50 years and are able to reproduce for about 25 years.2


A frost fir grove has a maximum of twelve members; groves split if they grow too large. Due to their preference for being isolated, they choose remote, inhospitable places to live. In rare, legendary instances, multiple groves may come together to meet great threats. In these cases it often seems that entire forests appear or disappear overnight.2

A grove's Elder Fir is a highly respected decision maker for its grove. They help coordinate the reproductive cycles and the splitting of groves. They sometimes grow larger than normal and become druids. These Elder Firs use their powers to disguise themselves as humanoids to spy on nearby settlements.2

In Golarion

Frost firs are among the dangerous inhabitants of Coreth Wood, a forest in northwestern Iobaria.3


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