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Race/Species Human
Gender Female
Homeland Versex, Ustalav

Source: Guns & Gears, pg(s). 229

Galafrael is a former noble from Lastwall who now sits and plots in a crumbling fortress in the Ustalavic county of Versex after her country fell to Tar-Baphon and her family was slaughtered. She has embraced Stasian technology as the answer to her quest to destroy the Tyrant, and has invested all that remains of her fortune into this purpose.[1]


Visitors to Galafrael's laboratory speak of unspeakable horrors: terrible weapons of mass destruction unlike anything seen before, researchers imprisoned in the workshops and forced to work on these weapons, and undead creatures kept in dungeons, awaiting to be used as test subjects. They also say that when the number of such undead runs low, Galafrael sometimes allows an errant undead to create spawn from unfortunates that are unlikely to be missed.[1]

The local magistrate Elassus Vandershale owns several nearby mines, and has made a fortune from selling good ore to Galafrael for her machinery. He is unwilling to compromise this sudden new source of income, making it difficult to bring Galafrael to justice, if the rumours are true.[1]


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