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County of Versex
Autocratic noble
Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 30

Versex is one of the southern counties of Ustalav lying in the Soivoda region. To the county's south is Avalon Bay and the Theocracy of Razmiran, the county's only international border. To Versex's west are the counties of Caliphas and Amaans; to its north lie the Furrows and Ardeal; and to the east is the county of Varno.12


Versex is a land rich in mineral wealth but unsuited to farming. As a result it gains most of it wealth through mining and its traders plying the waters of Avalon Bay and the wider Lake Encarthan.1


Most of the communities of Versex are small, insular settlements whose people are none too fond of outside interference.1 This attitude has been fostered by Count Haserton Lowls IV who has little interest in ruling the land and has disseminated power locally to mayors and magistrates.3

There are a number of settlements in Versex along the coast of Avalon Bay and in its highlands, often small, isolated and very suspicious of outsiders. among the more noteworthy of these settlements of Versex are:1

  • Carrion Hill, a cursed city atop an ancient mound: no one knows why people live on Carrion Hill but as far back as any one can remember people always have3
  • Dunhob, a superstitious village near Lantern Lake4
  • Hyannis, a coal mining community
  • Illmarsh, an insular community on the coast of Avalon Bay whose fisherman inhabitants are argumentative and are known to communicate with strange shadows in the Bay
  • Rozenport, the busy lakeside port3 and home to the Sincomakti School of Sciences
  • Thrushmoor, the bustling county seat of Versex


The demon-lord Socothbenoth has a strong following here.5


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