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53,088 Humans, 6,894 halflings, 6,128 dwarves, 5,362 elves, 3,830 dromaars, 1, 532 gnomes, 766 other
Andira Marusek (Supreme Elect)
Source: Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom, pg(s). 6-9

Almas (pronounced AHL-mehs)1 is the capital of the free nation of Andoran, and one of the largest and most influential cities on the Inner Sea. In many ways, the city's egalitarianism and multi-culturalism typify the assumptions and prejudices that are held about Andoran society in general.23


The city of Almas predates the founding of the democratic state of Andoran, and even predates the founding of the nation of Cheliax centuries before. Even though the region was first settled by the Empire of Taldor and its Fourth Army of Exploration in 1683 AR, its first historical mention wasn't until over 2,000 years later when the eruption of Droskar's Crag in the Five Kings Range caused the melting of millions of tons of snow pack and flooded the Andoshen River, inundating the city of Almas.4

A new nation

Almas was one of the centers of the People's Revolt, the democratic uprising that lead to the creation of the first nation with suffrage for all of its citizens. Almas erupted in riots in 4669 AR, with merchants and commoners joining together to bring the Chelish economy to a halt.5 A year later, a delegation of gillmen arrived in the capital with the keystone of the Arch of Aroden, presenting as a gift to the new nation.4

Recent troubles

A notorious killer named the Portside Strangler was caught and executed in Almas in 4709 AR, but inspired many copycats who continue to menace the capital's citizens even today. Even more recently, the notorious Dorianna Ouidda seized hostages in the Pathfinder Lodge of Almas.4


Almas is located on Andoran's southern coast, where the mouth of the Andoshen River meets the Inner Sea. Almas is built on a series of hills, and connected by several bridges crossing the Tamuth, Kernite, and Moulton rivers; these three waterways flow through the city before joining the waters of the Andoshen and emptying into the sea.3 The bridges are tall enough to allow riverboats to pass beneath them without running into the pilings.6

The spiritual center of the city of Almas is the Field of Concord. This former Chelaxian parade ground is now home of the palace of the People's Council (on its westernmost end) and the twin spires of the Golden Cathedral to the east. The center of the Field is dominated by a large marketplace and the Golden Aerie, the headquarters of Andoran's Eagle Knights, and the residence of its commander, General Reginald Cormoth. Beyond the Field of Concord, the city is divided into numerous districts, each providing specialized services and goods the people of the Almas.23

Districts and Neighborhoods of Almas


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The countryside within about a day's travel of Almas is dotted with countless villages and is home to nearly two-thirds of Andoran's total population. It is known as the Freeland, and was once owned by Andoran's nobility before the People's Revolt.6


Almas is home of the People's Council, the elected rulers of Andoran. The council consists of 350 members who serve five-year terms. These representatives then elect civil officials like ministers, lesser bureaucrats, and mayors, along with the Supreme Elect. Being the capital city, Almas is governed by the Supreme Elect of the People's Council, rather than an appointed mayor. Currently this is Andira Marusek7 who replaced Codwin I of Augustana.2


Andoran's Eagle Knights maintain a large garrison in the capital even though they have no mandate to maintain the peace there.6


Almas is a center of trade on the Inner Sea. While not boasting markets as large as Absalom or as varied as Katapesh, it is still an important trading city thanks to its duty-free markets and the annual Great Andoran Fair. This festival lasts the whole month of Sarenith and causes the city to swell with the influx of traders from across Golarion.2 Private businesses are busy both importing and exporting goods to and from Almas on a daily basis. Main imports include grain and salt, while fish, cheese, timber, and wine are the most important exports.8 Much of the grain, produce, and cattle consumed in Almas comes from the small town of Riverford, a few hundred miles north of the city on the Andoshen River.9


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Halflings are the second largest racial group in the city after humans, numbering over 6,000. This makes Almas one of the largest halfling settlements in the Inner Sea region. Halflings are attracted to the city by its freedoms, which halflings elsewhere may not enjoy.10


Agents of the Aspis Consoritum have established shell companies in Almas in order to keep a close watch on the city, and take advantage of its productive economy, while the Pathfinder Society maintains a lodge in the East Hill district.11


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