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The Scourge of Heaven
Balor lord
Source: Demons Revisited, pg(s). 14

Galundari is a powerful balor lord who powers the Lens of Galundari.1


Galundari earned his Scourge of Heaven sobriquet for his numerous raids on Heaven. Over 56 centuries ago, Nex sought Galundari's aid in the creation of the Lens of Galundari. Nex later managed to lure Galundari into the Lens of Galundari with false promises (allegedly with the aid of a vengeful solar), in which he has been trapped ever since. During his imprisonment, his power has slowly dwindled, and his rage grows as he waits for someone to free him so he can take revenge. When the Lens of Galundari was tossed into the Nemesis Well by Durvin Gest in 4332 AR, many falsely believed Galundari dead, while his last few loyal minions are still scouring the Great Beyond for the other end of the Nemesis Well so they can release him.12 Since 4718 AR, when Deron Malcarian jumped into the Nemesis Well, the plants in Osibu have sometimes whispered in Galundari's voice.3


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