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Garvok, Sword of Wrath
(Magic item)
Aura (1E) Strong evocation
Caster Level (1E) 16th
Type Major artifact
Slot (1E) None
Origin Thassilon
Affiliation Runelord of Wrath

Source: Artifacts & Legends, pg(s). 51

Garvok, Sword of Wrath is one of the Seven Swords of Sin. The intelligent greatsword is named after its first wielder: Garvok, the Shoanti.[1]


The Shoanti Garvok was the first wielder of this blade and also the first to be immolated by it. It absorbed Garvok's personality as it killed him, and the gladiator's blood can still be seen shining along its fuller. It has since passed through countless hands, but has never incorporated anyone else's personality into its own. Garvok has seen more wielders than any of the other Alara'hai, although the word "victim" is perhaps a better moniker, since everyone who has carried Garvok has met an untimely and fiery death. Garvok's current location is unknown, although the Cult of the Peacock Spirit is said to be trying to recover it, if only so that it cannot be used against them.[2]