Gaspar Tellick

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Gaspar Tellick

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 30

Gaspar Tellick is a young skilled Aldori swordlord in Mivon. Mivon's social system is a meritocracy. The Aldori swordlord Raston Selline who is the mayor of the city of Mivon and ruler of the land, claims that the city will pass to the hands of whomever can defeat him in a duel; first, though, a challenger must pass through the lesser lords of Mivon, fighting his way up the List of Suitors. As Selline grows older, Gaspar Tellick has voluntarily declared himself Selline's inferior. Thus, anyone wishing to take the city's government must first pass through Tellick. This allows Selline to teach Tellick how to manipulate the hidden strings of the city and its intrigues. Some say that Tellick will challenge Selline sometime soon, but for now, they keep their public friendship tension-free.1