Raston Selline

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Raston Selline
Titles Mayor
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Human
Class Fighter 10
Gender Male
Homeland Mivon, River Kingdoms

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 30

Raston Selline holds the title of the Mayor of the city of Mivon and is the ruler of the small kingdom of Mivon, one of the most stable domains in the River Kingdoms. Selline is proud of his network of informants and it is said that nothing passes in the salons and streets of the city without his knowledge. The High Council of Mivon officially advises the Mayor but unofficially controls Selline's network of informants. Selline plays a complicated game balancing the desires of the Mivoni Houses against the city's needs.[1]

Mivon's social system is a meritocracy and Selline claims that the city will pass into the hands of whomever can defeat him in a duel; first, though, a challenger must pass through the lesser lords of Mivon, fighting his way up the List of Suitors. As Selline grows older, a young skilled swordlord named Gaspar Tellick, has voluntarily declared himself Selline's inferior. Thus, anyone wishing to take the city's government must first pass through Tellick. This allows Selline to teach Tellick how to manipulate the hidden strings of the city and its intrigues.[1]


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