Giant ant lion

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Ant lion, giant

5 or 6
Warm deserts
Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 17

Giant ant lions are monstrously large copies of their much smaller counterparts. They live in warm and arid climates, preferring terrain with loose soil in which they can dig their infamous traps. When a mature giant ant lion reaches adulthood, it envelops itself within a cocoon constructed from sand and dirt. This transformation unfolds over the course of about a month, during which the ant lion undergoes a dramatic change. Upon emerging from its cocoon, its body has become elongated and slender, and it now possesses a pair of enormous, intricate wings. These fully matured giant ant lions go by various regional names, such as giant lacewings, giant damselflies, or giant spindleflies. However, regardless of their local designation, they retain their insatiable appetite and deadly nature. In this stage, they replace the sand trap tactics of their larval form with swift flight and increased battlefield maneuverability.12

On Golarion

Giant ant lions are particularly common in the wild deserts of Rahadoum.3


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