Glass Pyramids

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The glass pyramids are a set of two transparent pyramids that sit in the Inner City district of Katapesh. The pyramids are made of transparent metal plates, a unique design created by the two dwarf wizards interred within, Gezbria and Tralvar who arrived in Katapesh in 2219 AR. Unknown to almost all the two wizards discovered a confluence of magic ley lines beneath the Golden City, they built two structures atop it but too late realised that the magic was corrupt and uncontrollable. To stop this powerful magic being used for evil they built the glass pyramids on top of their previous structures and, after warding themselves with powerful magic, interred themselves alive within the pyramid. Unfortunately the magic of the corrupted ley lines soon overwhelmed them transforming them into evil liches. Now the site is regularly investigated by curious adventurers and scholars, those smart enough to bypass the magic wards inevitably fall victim to the evil liches dwelling within.1