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A hobgoblin, one of several goblinoid races.

Goblinoids are a family of related humanoid races. Though varied in form, all goblinoids have certain traits in common, notably sharply pointed ears, a shared language, a lifestyle of hunting and raiding, and an aptitude at stealth.1 Most goblinoids have an evil reputation and enjoy causing pain and suffering, though their methods and motivation for doing so vary between races.2 It is common to find goblinoids of different species working together, often led by the cunning and ambitious hobgoblins.23

On Golarion

The barbaric goblinoids have rarely left a lasting impact on Golarion's history. In living memory, however, the Goblinblood Wars swept throughout central Avistan. Hundreds of goblin and hobgoblin tribes rose up against the humans of Isger and its neighboring countries, leaving death and destruction in their wake.4 Additionally, within the last hundred years, hobgoblins seized control of the kingdom of Kaoling in Tian Xia.5

Types of goblinoids

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