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Magical beast
Temperate plains, rocky hills, and underground
Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 165

Gorgons are foul-tempered magical beasts resembling bulls covered in interlocking metallic armor plates.1


A gorgon is an enormous bovine creature with large horns who, at first glance, may be confused for a construct due to its artificial-looking armored skin, though beneath it, they are beings of flesh and bone. Unlike normal cattle, male and female gorgons are indistinguishable in physical appearance. Gorgons are typically six feet tall and eight feet long, weighing around 4,000 pounds.1

Habitat and ecology

Gorgons inhabit temperate plains, rocky hills, or subterranean regions in herds led by a dominant bull, with solitary gorgons usually being adolescent bulls driven out of their former herds by the lead bull. Unlike normal bovines, they derive nutrients from the consumption of minerals rather than grass, particularly the stone of those petrified by their breath weapons, and any statues they create are likely to be gnawed thoroughly. They cannot digest metal or gems, so their powder-like dung often contains raw crystals and ore nuggets. Their aggressive demeanor means they typically scare off predators or other animals who would otherwise share their grazing grounds.1

Gorgons are easy to provoke and will challenge any creature who enters their vicinity, often with the intent of trampling them to the point they are no longer recognizable. Their most peculiar ability is being able to breathe out a cone of green gas which can temporarily petrify opponents, leaving them vulnerable to the gorgon's trampling, or to being affected a second time by the breath, which leads to the petrification becoming permanent.1

Gorgon meat is edible once the armored hide is removed, and is considered tough but beefy, and quite filling to those who acquire the taste for it. Certain tribes of stone giants believe eating gorgon meat enhances their own natural resilience. Their horns are also valuable when powdered, as they can serve as an alternative material component for spells such as bull's strength or flesh to stone.1

On Golarion

In Avistan, gorgons are found on the Nesmian Plains of southern Nirmathas.2

Gorgons are believed to have been an important part of the culture of the ancient empire of Ninshabur, as they are very frequently depicted in their carvings, statues, and general cultural iconography.3


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