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Howl of the Wild

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Pathfinder Howl of the Wild
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Book - Core
Rule set
May 22, 2024
Hardcover (Special edition)
May 22, 2024
May 22, 2024
Pocket Edition Softcover
August 28, 2024

Howl of the Wild, a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Second Edition core rulebook by Kate Baker, Rigby Bendele, Joshua Birdsong, Chris Bissette, Jeremy Blum, Logan Bonner, Dan Cascone, James Case, Jessica Catalan, Brite Cheney, Rue Dickey, Caryn DiMarco, Matthew Fu, Leo Glass, Steven Hammond, Patrick Hurley, Michelle Y. Kim, Dustin Knight, Kendra Leigh Speedling, Christiana Lewis, Jesse "Aki" Lo, Luis Loza, Letterio Mammoliti, Jonathan "Ryomasa" Mendoza, Quinn Murphy, Dave Nelson, Mikhail Rekun, Kai Revius, Ember Rose, Simone D. Sallé, Michael Sayre, Shay Snow, Levi Steadman, Kyle Tam, Ruvaid Virk, and Andrew White, was released on May 22, 2024.

Join a curious naturalist and his eccentric crew crossing continents in their fantastic airship, cataloging the world’s most fantastic creatures! Along the expedition, players will find new character options to bring their wildest characters to life, from new ancestries like the strong minotaur or magical merfolk, to awesome spells and ferocious archetypes, to new animal companions and gear forged from the scales and fangs of mythical beasts. GMs can look forward to a veritable menagerie to unleash on their players, containing animals, expansions on classic monsters, and never-before-seen creatures from every corner of the Age of Lost Omens campaign setting!


"Foreword: My Quest for the Wardens"
p. 5
The Zoetrope and its Crew
pp. 6–53
"The Zoetrope and its Crew"
pp. 6–7
pp. 8–9
  • Special Rules
    • Large PCs
    • Tiny PCs
    • Riding PCs
    • Aquatic PCs
    • Flying PCs
Meet the Crew
pp. 10–15
Athamaru Ancestry
pp. 16–21
pp. 22–27
Centaur Ancestry
pp. 28–33
Merfolk Ancestry
pp. 34–39
Minotaur Ancestry
pp. 40–45
Surki Ancestry
pp. 46–53
Techniques and Tricks
pp. 54–87
Untamed Barbarian and Druid Morphs
pp. 56–57
Warden Spells and Ranger Feats
pp. 58–60
Witches of the Wild
pp. 61–63
Zoophonic Bards
pp. 64–65
Beastmaster Archetype Expansion
pp. 66–67
Clawdancer Archetype
pp. 68–69
Ostilli Host Archetype
pp. 70–71
Swarmkeeper Archetype
pp. 72–73
pp. 74–75
Werecreature Archetype
pp. 76–79
Wild Mimic Archetype
pp. 80–81
Winged Warrior Archetype
pp. 82–83
Supply Runs: Services and Supplies
pp. 88–119
"Supply Runs: On the Importance of Proper Gear"
p. 89
pp. 96–99
  • Grafting Rules
    • Implanting a Graft
    • Damaging a Graft
    • The Graft Trait
  • Grafts
pp. 112–113
  • Animal blind
  • Animal call
  • Atmospheric breathing suit
  • Catch pole
  • Clothing
  • Field guide
  • Flower press
  • High-contrast goggles
  • Oilskin pouch
  • Pelagic helmet
  • Sifting pan
  • Supramarine chair
  • Tracking tag
  • Trundle wheel
Golarion's Menagerie
pp. 120–197
Creature Adjustments
pp. 122–123
p. 124
p. 125
"The Eye of the Basilisk"
p. 126
p. 127
p. 129
"The Impossible Chimera"
pp. 130–131
pp. 132–133
p. 134
p. 135
pp. 140–141
"Elemental Birds and the Power of the Storm"
p. 142
"Ethereal Wildlife: A Blurring of Taxonomic Lines"
pp. 144–145
p. 150
pp. 154–155
"Regarding the Griffon"
p. 156
p. 158
p. 159
p. 160
p. 161
"On the History and Behaviors of Hydras"
pp. 162–163
p. 168
"The Cultural and Natural Phenomena of Manticores"
pp. 170–171
p. 174
p. 175
p. 176
p. 177
p. 180
p. 181
p. 184
p. 185
p. 187
"A Sanctuary for Unicorns"
pp. 188–189
p. 192
"Werecreatures: A Menagerie of Forms"
pp. 194–195
pp. 198–209
"The Dark Night"
pp. 198–201
pp. 206–207
pp. 208–209
Epilogue: A Journey's Conclusion
pp. 210–211
Glossary & Index
pp. 212–221
Ability Glossary
pp. 212–214
Creatures by Level
p. 215
Glossary & Index
pp. 216–221
Map of the Zoetrope
p. 222