Gorm Greathammer

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Gorm Greathammer
Gorm Greathammer shown standing third from left.
Titles Prince
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Dwarf
Class Bard 7 / Pathfinder chronicler 2[1]
Gender Male
Homeland Kraggodan, Mindspin Mountains
Organization Pathfinder Society
Grand Archive faction
Images of Gorm Greathammer

Source: Lost Omens Pathfinder Society Guide, pg(s). 31
This article covers the head of the Grand Archive faction of the Pathfinder Society. For the Absalomian tavernkeeper known as "Fat Gorm", see Gorm.

Prince Gorm Greathammer leads the dwarven Sky Citadel of Kraggodan. In addition to being an open-minded and welcoming monarch, he is also a famous Pathfinder.[1][2]


Gorm is third in line to Kraggodan's throne but has long favoured the adventuring lifestyle, joining the Pathfinder Society decades ago and has since distinguished himself as an explorer and chronicler. He nevertheless took a leave of absence to return to Kraggodan to negotiate peace with Molthune during the Ironfang Invasion and returns periodically to help administer the Sky Citadel.

He has since returned to his duties in the Pathfinder Society and is leader of the Grand Archive faction, dedicated to study, document, and preserve relics from the past.[3]

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