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Level 14
Adjective Grikkitog

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 195

Grikkitogs, known also as hungry earth, are parasitic creatures from the Plane of Earth who inhabit rock and earth formations in order to trap prey and feed.[1]


Grikkitog appearances vary greatly. Young grikkitogs are without form and exist as a sort of conceptual energy until such a time that it is able to possess an earth elemental host, which forms the physical core of its being. The creature then reaches out into its environment, growing hungry mouths and eyes on nearby rock and earth outcroppings to catch unwary prey.[1]


Grikkitogs possess some abilities common of denizens from the Plane of Earth: the ability to pass seamlessly through stone, a knowledge of vibrations and movement around them, and the like. Most of their unique abilities revolve around the possession of their environment, however, such as countless eyes granting them excellent vision of their inhabited terrain.[1]


Grikkitogs primarily inhabit the Plane of Earth and are often the subject of horror stories among its residents. Being that the creatures perfectly blend in to their surroundings, disappearances are common in areas of grikkitog infestation.[1]


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