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Earth elemental
An earth elemental

Plodding creatures comprised of rock, earth, or crystal, earth elementals are creatures native to the Elemental Plane of Earth.2


Elsharon, an earth elemental that resembles a humanoid.

Earth elementals are creatures made of the substance of the Plane of Earth, and can be comprised of solid stone, shimmering crystal, or plain dirt.2

Habitat and ecology

Earth elementals live on the Elemental Plane of Earth, which they share with jabali3 genies, crystal dragons, and a host of other elemental creatures.4

Unlike most of the Plane of Earth's other inhabitants, most earth elements avoid the labyrinthine cavern system that winds throughout the plane in favor of staying in the deep earth. They interact with the plane's other inhabitants only when jabalis or others attempt to mine a valuable vein of ore or crystal in which the elementals live, and such encounters rarely end peacefully.5

Many earth elementals are held in the plane's Somnisphere, a prison and preserve of concentric glass rings divided into cells, where the xiomorn Keevauchtum attempts to pacify them.6

When earth elementals do end up in the Universe, usually through summoning, they tend to congregate in the depths of the earth and are more likely to be encountered in the Darklands than the surface of Golarion.7[citation needed]


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