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Elemental lord

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The elemental lord of fire, Ymeri.

An elemental lord is a divine being birthed from, and made of the substance of one of the four elemental planes. As demigods, they have worshipers amongst creatures of their element. Each current elemental lord seems to embody the worst qualities of fire, water, wind, and earth, and are fickle and dangerous. In contrast to the cosmic balance found elsewhere in the Great Beyond, there is no balance between good and evil among the elemental lords, as the evil elemental lords defeated and sealed away their good rivals long ago.[1][2] This claim seems to be substantiated by the existence of a powerful artifact known as the the Moaning Diamond, which contains the essence of Sairazul, the Crystalline Queen, forever tortured by the howling moan of Hshurha, Duchess of All Winds.[3]


Many believe that the elemental planes were already ancient when the Material Plane first came into existence. Ruling these planes were eight beings that were masters of elemental creation and destruction: the elemental lords. The four evil lords, Ayrzul, Hshurha, Kelizandri, and Ymeri, were opposed by the four benign powers: Sairazul, Ranginori, Lysianassa, and Atreia. Their abilities were so evenly matched, however, that none could overcome the other, and they existed in a state of volatile equilibrium. This all changed when the gods created the Material Plane and mortal life.[3]

The gods fashioned the Material Plane using the substance of the elemental planes. At first this was a one-sided transaction, but soon the elemental planes began receiving something in return: souls passing through them on their way to the Outer Planes. Where once the elemental planes had been unchanging, if mutable, foundational realms, they began to be imbued with mortal imagination, thought, and motive. Elemental beings began to be moved from their inherent neutrality, and none more so than the elemental lords.[3]

According to the elementals, when the Material Plane was young, the good elemental lords combined their powers to create stars, planets, oceans, and life, while their evil rivals were too disunited to effectively resist. However, as mortals began to use the elements for evil, the good elemental lords started blaming each other, while the evil elemental lord Kelizandri managed to form a temporary pact with the three others, and together they defeated and imprisoned their good rivals.[2]

The existing elemental lords

The defeated elemental lords

The names and the titles of the long-ago defeated elemental lords are:[3]


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