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Source: The Dragon's Demand, pg(s). 62

Grioths are an evil race who inhabit rogue planets, worship Nyarlathotep, and oppose the Dominion of the Black.1


A grioth is a silent batlike humanoid with a long, ratlike tail and four narrow eyes. Grioths are prone to mutations, caused by the eldritch forces of the Dark Tapestry, into lumbering or deformed creatures.1


Grioths live in dark spire cities on rogue planets, ruled by their elders, and often travel to other worlds via portals during eclipses to pillage resources rare on their homeworlds. Grioths prefer weapons made out of voidglass; and it is thanks to grioths that a small amount of voidglass has been transported to Golarion.2 Many grioths are known for their devotion to Nyarlathotep, whom they worship in his guise as the Haunter of the Dark. Elder grioths possess unusual psychic powers, which aid them against the Dominion of the Black, their nemeses.1

Grioths speak a language consisting of squeaks, clicks and nonsensical animal noises. When speaking other languages, they do so with a raspy, dry voice.3


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