Grog Pit

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The Grog Pit is the most notorious tavern and flophouse in the Docks district of Absalom. It is a dangerous place serving sour drinks. Its famous grog is simple a collection of whatever the owner can find to pour into a central open-topped barrel, including leftovers from customers' glasses, spoiled wine from resellers and rotting hallucinogenic herbs steeped in seawater. One third of the patrons are either cutpurses or con artists. However the grog is cheap (any coin of any nation gets you a large mug full), the virtue of the serving girls and busboys is up for rent, and anyone who buys a mug can sleep off its effects in the main hall for free. Large enough groups of sailors are usually safe and charitable priests occasionally pass through to cure the worst diseases present. Many merchants and captains have tried to close down the Grog Pit, but it is very popular with the dock workers and when the tavern gets closed down no goods move on or off the ships until it is reopened.[1]


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