Docks (Absalom)

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The Docks
The Docks of Absalom.
(City district)

Oligarchy (The Dock Council, district council)
Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 22–25 (1E)
Absalom, City of Lost Omens, pg(s). 121–131 (2E)
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The Docks is both a location in the city of Absalom and an official city district.1 Since most travelers arrive in Absalom by ship, the Docks is the first part of the city they see. Hundreds of maritime vessels arrive and depart from the Docks every day, and it is a bustling area where longshoremen constantly load and unload cargo destined for Absalom's markets and elsewhere. The district itself is a rather rough place, as the district watch—known as the Harbor Guard—tends to turn a blind eye to most brawls and the like as long as things do not get out of hand. Young touts announce the services of all manner of businesses everywhere in the district, including a number of the Docks' cheap waterside taverns and brothels located.1


Like Absalom's other city districts, the Docks district is governed by a district council, here called the Dock Council and headquartered in Crestwatch, one of the city's ten tallest buildings. As of 4720 AR, the nomarch of the Dock Council was Lord Archych of House Dureanz.23

Places of interest

Just off the shoreline in the Bay of Kortos lies a maze of scuttled and half-sunken shipwrecks known as the Flotsam Graveyard. Most of the wrecks are the result of one of the many failed invasions of the city (see History of Absalom) and now guard Absalom from an invasion by sea.4

Two world-class shipyards are located in the Docks: the Devil's Own and the Sea King Shipyard.5

The largest crane in the world, known as the Beast, is located at the Long Pier near the center of the Docks. The Beast is used to move the largest and heaviest loads in Absalom.6

The Grog Pit is the Docks' most notorious tavern and flophouse.7

The simple stone building of Ogrekin Hall is the home of the Ogrekin transporting business, which can transport anything to anywhere within Absalom.8

The Pickled Imp is a curio shop operated by Guaril Karela.9

Other locations include:10