Haigen Topkick

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Haigen Topkick

Nomarch of the Puddles District Council;
Captain of the Muckruckers;
Guildmaster of the Salvage Guild
Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 41f.

Haigen Topkick is the Nomarch of the Puddles District Council in Absalom and also the captain of the Muckruckers, the district guard, as well as the Guildmaster of the Salvage Guild. He usually can be found in the Muckrucker's headquarters, the Stilt House.1

Haigen runs the Muckruckers into something of a thieves' guild, running what amounts to protection rackets among other activities. It is an open secret that businesses need to bribe him to be well-received in the Puddles and rumors also say that you can arrange for anything you need from Haigen, from slaves to illegal drugs, for the right price.12


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