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Type District guard & thieves' guild
Leader Haigen Topkick
Headquarters Stilt House, the Puddles, Absalom
Scope Local

Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 41f.

The Muckruckers is a wholly volunteer force that maintain order in the Puddles district of Absalom. It is given use of the Stilt House, a city-owned building, to serve as headquarters, and they receive no aid from the Grand Council beyond their warrants of authority. The Muckruckers were formed as a "temporary" measure after the earthquake, and have never been replaced. Officially they are named the Muddied Center Reserve Civilian Corps. For the first years of their existence they did a fair job, but as the rebuilding of Puddles was being delayed, the hardest-working families and the best Muckruckers left the flooded district. Now, the Muckruckers is as much a district guard as a thieves' guild.[1]

The Nomarch of the Puddles District Council Haigen Topkick, is also the captain of the Muckruckers as well as the Guildmaster of the Salvage Guild.[1]