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District guard & thieves' guild
Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 41f.

The Muckruckers, or more officially named the Muddied Center Reserve Civilian Corps, is a wholly volunteer force that maintains order in the Puddles district of Absalom. It is given use of the Stilt House, a city-owned building, to serve as headquarters, and they receive no aid from the Grand Council beyond their warrants of authority. The Muckruckers were formed as a "temporary" measure after the earthquake of 4698 AR, and have never been replaced.

For the first years of their existence, they did a fair job, but as the rebuilding of the Puddles was being delayed, the hardest-working families and the best Muckruckers left the flooded district. Until recently, the Muckruckers are as much a district guard as a thieves' guild.1

This negative perception of the precinct is just starting to reverse however, as fresh recruits have begun to earnestly protect and support the community. Most notably, newly immigrated goblins have followed the example of Zusgut, the self-styled "Goblin King," and joined the force with noble intentions. Despite numerous tragic, but noble, sacrifices on their part, the effect on public perception has been very positive and has stirred up some faded pride in the district.2

The Nomarch of the Puddles District Council, Haigen Topkick, is also the captain of the Muckruckers as well as the Guildmaster of the Salvage Guild.1

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