Halidan Tarne

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Halidan Tarne

Lord General
Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 17

Lord General Halidan Tarne is an ex-noble of Galt currently living in Gralton. A member of the Revenant Princes, he dreams of invading Galt and has been assembling an army in Gralton for years. He has built barracks capable of holding 300 of his 500 soldiers. Unfortunately, most of his soldiers are enthusiastic but not properly trained. An ex-military officer of Galt, Gallar Porswan, strives to train the soldiers. Occasionally, this Gralton army launches small scale attacks on Galtan towns, but the small groups of soldiers involved return after a few days bloodied and decimated.12

Halidan's cousin Casal Tarne does not agree with Halidan's simple raids, believing that the army should wait to invade Galt until it becomes stronger and better organized. Casal worked for years as Halidan's unofficial advisor but eventually the two nearly came to blows. Now Casal is quietly waiting for Halidan to die in one of his foolish battles, at which point Casal will take over the army. He is currently acting as sheriff and heads the city guard.1