Halls of Hammerfall

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The Halls of Hammerfall is the name given to a former dwavern community that no one has heard from in over a century. The Halls of Hammerfall take their name from the Hammerfalls with the main entrance to the halls being located behind the largest waterfall "The Anvil". In its heyday the Halls of Hammerfall were a wondrous dwarven community, the surrounding earth was inundated with ore, the community filled with unique forges and gates all powered by waterwheels that utilised the waterfall's limitless power. What horrible fate befell the dwarves no one knows, there are rumours abound, some claim they were wiped out by a disease or ailment, some that they were slaughtered by one of the numerous gnoll tribes that roams the surrounding Brazen Peaks while others claim they dug to deep and reached the depths of the darklands releasing some unknown horror. One rumour most commonly espoused by older dwarves was that the dying dwarves, as their last act, built their own tombs and filled them with traps to stop any of the mountains savage inhabitants despoiling their final resting place. Every few years a map turns up that supposedly leads to a secret entrance to the halls and some times a lone adventurer will return with some dwarven trinket claiming to have actually entered the Halls of Hammerfall but to date there is no definitive proof of what happened within the silent Halls of Hammerfall.1


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