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Created by the snow melt from the highest mountains in the region, the Hammerfalls are a set of cascading waterfalls high in Katapesh's Brazen Peaks. The tallest of these waterfalls is known as The Anvil, and is a 150-foot drop over the side of a sheer cliff into a deep basin below.

The Hammerfalls are fearsome and unforgiving, with only the gentler sections allowing small watercraft to operate, while most of the cataracts are all but impassible to boats of any size. Luckily, river travelers receive early warning when they are approaching the Hammerfalls as the roar of their violent tumult echoes through canyons and valleys for miles around.

Downriver, in the less-steep parts of the Brazen Peaks, the Hammerfalls becomes a tributary to the Pale River. More than just a mere geographical wonder, the Hammerfalls hide a long-lost secret—behind The Anvil lie the ruins of the Halls of Hammerfall, a dwarven hold that has stood silent behind the wall of water for over a century.1


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