Hespeta Wondermaker

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Hespeta Wondermaker
Alignment Neutral good
Race/Species Human (Mwangi)
Class Expert 4 / Fighter 1
Gender Female
Homeland Tar Kuata, Barrier Wall, Osirion

Source: Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs, pg(s). 18–19

Hespeta Wondermaker is a Mwangi human inventor from Tephu who settled in Tar Kuata after aspiring to join the Iroran Monastery of Tar Kuata there but failing.[1]


After leaving the Monastery of Tar Kuata, Hespeta—a former scribe—introduced modern technology to the people living in the valley shadowed by the mountaintop retreat. While villagers appreciate her introduction of windmill-driven water pumps and other similar devices, others (such as kite-driven farm implements) face more, if gentle, skepticism.[1]