Monastery of Tar Kuata

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Monastery of Tar Kuata
Type Monastic order of Irori
Leader Itephta the Immaculate
Headquarters Tar Kuata, Barrier Wall, Osirion
Goals Self-perfection
Scope Regional

Source: Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs, pg(s). 18–19

The Monastery of Tar Kuata is beyond the Footprints of Rovagug in Osirion's remote southwest. It is the country's ritual center for the worship of Irori, and the surrounding settlement of Tar Kuata is a mountain-top pilgrim city.[1] It is led by Itephta the Immaculate, a young Garundi human,[2][3] who is considered to be is a wise, gentle, and witty man.[2]


Built upon a wide cliff jutting from the mountain, the monastery was founded in 1490 AR by Narmek Tar Kuata, a Sothan priest of Irori now venerated as a saint. The relic of the cleric's skull and spine remain in a spire of rock near the mountain's summit. Attempts to steal the relics have met with disaster for the would-be thieves.[1]


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