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This androsphinx has seen better days.

Warm deserts or hills
Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 251

Androsphinxes are gigantic creatures with the lower bodies of lions, the wings of a falcon, and the upper body and head of a male human. They are similar in this regard to gynosphinxes, who have the upper bodies of female humans, and consider this other race of sphinx to be their only equals.1[citation needed]


Considered the most powerful variety of sphinx, androsphinxes are blunt-natured paragons of justice. They enjoy debate, particularly on the topics of philosophy and ethics, and are willing to barter their permission to pass through their territory in exchange for valuable knowledge.2

Their lairs often resemble the cluttered home of a scholar, littered with books and academic works,3 furniture and containers overflowing with folios, and intriguing magic items to research. Their research projects adorn every available surface, and they are known to overspend when acquiring relevant information or materials.4


Like gynosphinxes, androsphinxes are produced solely from the coupling of respectful love between an androsphinx and gynosphinx. Androsphinxes mate with gynosphinxes, and are typically the only recipients of gynosphinxes' desire for companionship.3

On Golarion

Androsphinxes are known to inhabit the Shining Mountains along the Scorpion Coast of Osirion,5 and have lived in northeastern Garund longer even than Osirion itself has existed. Some also live in the deserts of Rahadoum, Thuvia, and Qadira, and were once common visitors to Iblydos for scholarly pursuits. While they are much less common in colder northern climates, their curiosity sometimes drives them to travel when needed.4

In culture

The Androsphinx of Zukebri is a monument in the Underdunes of Osirion that depicts a gem-adorned androsphinx wearing a bronze mask of a pharaoh's face. The inanimate statue emits a perpetual psychic scream and weeps an unknown black fluid.678

Carvings of sphinxes, including androsphinxes, adorn the pyramid of Sekh-pa-Mefer III in the Parched Dunes.9

The Desert card of a harrow deck sometimes depicts an androsphinx.10

Known androsphinxes

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