Hooded harbinger

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Hooded harbinger

Source: The Whisper Out of Time, pg(s). 88

Hooded harbingers are the faceless messengers of Hastur.1


A hooded harbinger resembles a humanoid mummy clad in a tattered yellow hood and rags, standing in a stooped posture and emitting a musty carrion stench. Its arms appear abnormally long and hang freely. If its hood is pulled back, its head is seen to be completely swathed in the same yellow rags, but each unravelled layer only gives way to dozens more layers. Eventually, a face is revealed, but it appears to be the face of the unraveller.1


Hooded harbingers are dispatched by Hastur to relay messages to his cults and the High Priest Not to Be Described in Leng, who is speculated to be the greatest hooded harbinger who gained some independence. Thought to originate from Carcosa, hooded harbingers are exceedingly rare and more than one is seldom encountered at once.1

Hooded harbingers take their charge as messengers very seriously. In battle, they try to make opponents trip and administer their blood touch to block the blood flow of as many enemies as possible. In danger of defeat, they will always try to flee with plane shift.1

Hooded harbingers receive their commands from Hastur via mental transmission, and twitch as if having a seizure when doing so. During this time, if distracted or attacked, they fly into a furious rage and the offender risks attracting Hastur's attention.1

A hooded harbinger can mutter a prophetic utterance against a single enemy. The target hears the utterance as a telepathic message proclaiming its doom, while others hear nothing intelligible.1


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