Hooktongue Slough

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To the northwest of the Narlmarches in the Stolen Lands lies a great swamp known as Hooktongue Slough. This swamp is an enormous slime pit, filled with tiny rivulets and brooks, as well as insects, rodents, and larger predators. Along the northern side of the Slough are large snakes and mysterious water-walking creatures that hunt near Lake Hooktongue. South of the Slough are several tribes of boggards inhabiting mound-islands, fiercely defending their little islands against invaders from the lake to the north. Trolls also creep through the southern region of the swamp, but the strange magic of the boggards keeps them at bay.

With all of these dangers, it is a wonder that humans would venture into the Slough at all, but they do so for a singular, valuable prize: the azure lily, said to grow only in the bogs to the south of the lake. The lily is said to cause paralysis in anyone who breathes in its blue pollen, and is greatly valued by assassins and bandits from all around. Considered by most to be just a myth, it is in fact a deadly truth, and its blue powder can be found in nearby Pitax and Daggermark.1

The Slough is the last resting place of the self-styled "King" Imec and his men, who were driven into its depths by angry Centaurs after his four day reign.2


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