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The Narlmarches, also known as the Narlmarch Woods, bifurcate the Stolen Lands. The Narlmarches spreads across the lowlands of the region and feature craggy hills, lazy streams, deep ravines, and a great variety of trees, including oak, beech, and rushleaf.

The region hosts a rich variety of wildlife as well, with elk, rivercats (a cousin to the bobcat, with a strange sort of mossy-fur), black bears, many large rodents, boars, and brush thyclacines. Stranger still are the giant owls, will-o'-wisps, owlbears, and aggressive vegetation. Gangs of trolls range the southern edge of the forest, closer to Lake Candlemere, and the ruins of many bandit hideouts dot the landscape as well, leading to rumors of long lost riches and fantastic treasures.1

The kingdom of Mivon at the southern end of the Narlmarches has begin to exploit them for lumber, but a band of elves reside in that part of the forest and resist the loggers.2


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