Houses in Exile

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Houses in Exile
Headquarters Mivon, River Kingdoms

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 30

When Choral the Conqueror's army invaded Rostland, nine major Houses of Brevoy as well as twenty or so minor Houses, fled Rostland. These Houses migrated south into the River Kingdoms, and they become known as the Houses in Exile. They easily conquered a region and founded the city-state of Mivon. The Houses in Exile had no clear line of succession from the court among them as the most prominent Brevic Houses remained behind to battle. Thus, the exiles began their fight for supremacy soon after the establishment of their small kingdom.[1][2]

Today, Mivon is a meritocracy and governed by the Mayor of the city of Mivon. Mayor Raston Selline claims that the city will pass to the hands of whomever can defeat him in a duel. The High Council is officially the advisory board of the Mayor and the Aldori members of the Houses in Exile proffer legislation and speak for the nobility in the politics of the city. The Houses agree on little. Each Aldori House fields its own militia, flies its own colors, and swears fealty to a master, rather than to Mivon as a whole. They compete with each other for the right to provide the necessary military duties. Selline plays a complicated game in rotating these duties among the Houses. The keeps of the nine great Aldori Houses as well as a number of small villages and farms around them, create a wide ring around the city of Mivon.[1]


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