Choral Rogarvia

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Choral Rogarvia

Choral the Conqueror
Human (assumed)
missing c. 4509 AR
Source: Lost Omens Legends, pg(s). 40

Choral Rogarvia, or as he became to be known, Choral the Conqueror, was the founder and first king of Brevoy.1


Choral invaded the area that would become modern-day Brevoy in 4499 AR. Before he conquered the northern kingdom of Issia, he worked out an agreement with Lord Nikos Surtova at the edge of the Lake of Mists and Veils in 4499 AR. The two men staked out a truce that was bound with the promise of Nikos' daughter Myrna Surtova in marriage to Choral.2 In the agreement, Issia's ruling House Surtova kept much of its power and wealth while they served as vassals under Choral's leadership.3 The Aldori swordlords from southern Rostland, however, did not accede to a peace with Choral and were defeated by a pair of Choral's red dragon allies at the Valley of Fire.3 In less than a year, Choral had united the two nations under his banner as the new nation of Brevoy4 and founded the ruling House Rogarvia.5

Only the fortress of Skywatch continued to resist Choral's dominance, but even this bastion of the Aldori fell a few years later when Choral and his dragons arrived and burnt the castle to the ground. With his victory complete, Choral showed interest in the observatory and ordered the structure to be unearthed and restored.6

Rule of Brevoy

For ten years, Choral led Brevoy from the Dragonscale Throne at the Ruby Fortress in New Stetven. He spent most of his time amassing wealth, and did little to unite the Issians and Rostlanders, only leaving New Stetven to harshly punish disloyal vassals. His people rarely saw him and viewed him as a remote, terrifying figure.1


In 4509 AR, Choral and his red dragon allies disappeared, leaving his descendants to rule Brevoy for exactly two hundred years from his conquest. Every member of the noble house disappeared in 4699 AR, if they were indeed his descendants at all.34

It is not known where Choral went when he abandoned his throne, but rumours state that he disappeared into the depths of the Gronzi Forest. If such tales can be believed, he swore he would return when the time was right.7

Recent history

A box made from authentic red dragon scales and sealed with the crest of House Rogarvia was recently discovered in the Lake of Mists and Veils by the half-elven archivist Nephaira. Inside it were numerous papers documenting dragon sightings and attacks, all of which matched times when Choral was known to have been present in Brevoy and the royal red dragons were known to have been absent. These letters provided some evidence that Choral was not human, as the historical records claimed, but was himself a red dragon. While only Nephaira saw this evidence before the box and the fisher who found it disappeared, Nephaira was convinced that there had to be other documents pointing toward Choral's non-human origin.1


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