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Imperial Ministry of Historical Accuracy

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Imperial Ministry of Historical Accuracy
Type Governmental
Headquarters Cheliax
Goals Maintain the state-sanctioned version of history
Scope National

Source: Cheliax, Empire of Devils, pg(s). 3

The Imperial Ministry of Historical Accuracy is a branch of the Chelish government that is tasked with maintaining and publishing the official history of the nation. Every three months it publishes a newly revised and edited official history of Cheliax and disseminates it to the nation's libraries, universities, and other centers for learning. Older (and now outdated) copies of these same volumes are collected by the Hellknight Order of the Rack, and heavy penalties are handed out to any organization that does not return all of its previously assigned copies.[1]

House Thrune is quite aware of history's power to inspire and legitimize, and therefore excises any part of history, both ancient and recent, that might challenge its power or make it look bad. It is not unusual for entire noble families to be cut out of Cheliax's history for simply offending the Queen or one of her ministers. These "histories" are also extremely spotty when it comes to describing life in Imperial Cheliax before the ascendance of House Thrune.[1]

Older, unedited histories can be acquired through the black market, and always fetch a very high price, but buyers must be quite cautious when doing so, as many book dealers and antiquarians act as paid informants for the Ministry.[1]