Abrogail Thrune II

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Abrogail Thrune II
Her Infernal Majestrix Queen Abrogail II of the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune.

Her Infernal Majestrix; Queen of Cheliax
4692 AR (age 32)
Source: Inner Sea Magic, pg(s). 5 (1E)
Legends, pg(s). 8–11 (2E)
This article covers the monarch of Cheliax. For the satirical play, see Abrogail II.

Her Infernal Majestrix, Queen Abrogail II of the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune is the sixth ruler to wear the crown of diabolical Cheliax since her great-grandmother Abrogail Thrune I took control of the warring noble houses in 4640 AR.12 As a young monarch, she receives advice from her pit fiend courtier, Gorthoklek, who also served her great-grandmother. Asmodeus himself provided an erinys named Contessa Lrilatha to serve as the young queen's instructor.1

Her Infernal Majestrix, Queen Abrogail II, with Contessa Lrilatha and General Gorthoklek, her most trusted advisers.

Beautiful and ruthless (in addition to being a powerful sorceress), Abrogail makes a strong leader for Cheliax. According to rumour, Abrogail is an immature, demanding, and spoilt ruler, but she has nevertheless proven herself to be a vicious fighter on the political scene. Ironically, whispers say that her fiendish advisers rein in her darker impulses.3 What is certain is that her quick wit and daring schemes can only help Cheliax regain some of its lost imperial glory in the years to come.4


House Thrune, a formidable force that emerged during the Chelish Civil War, brought a semblance of order to a nation plagued by chaos and turmoil. Despite their success in establishing stability, House Thrune itself became ensnared in internal strife and discord. Behind closed doors, intrigues and acts of sabotage unfolded among the members and allies of the house, even as the Hellknights enforced a harsh and rigid rule upon the nation.5

Abrogail Thrune II, the future queen of Cheliax, was born in 4692 AR. Her mother bestowed upon her the name of her grandmother, Queen Abrogail I, a legendary ruler who reigned for three decades, symbolizing power and longevity. Yet, the unfortunate fate of the previous five monarchs, including Abrogail I, all meeting untimely ends, instilled in Abrogail II a deep-rooted sense of skepticism and distrust. She learned early on to place her trust in nothing and no one—except the infernal forces of Hell itself.5

From an early age, Abrogail's unwavering devotion to Asmodeus took root, driven either by the necessity to navigate the treacherous landscape of her diabolical family or by the realization that, like all Thrunes, she was destined for damnation. Legend tells that her fervor caught the attention of Asmodeus himself, who dispatched Contessa Lrilatha, a winged erinys, to serve as her tutor. Under Contessa's guidance, young Abrogail swiftly demonstrated her exceptional intellect and cunning, harnessing her innate magical talents to become a formidable sorcerer within a remarkably short span of time.5

Charismatic and possessing a striking presence, Abrogail honed her skills in manipulating others to serve her own ambitions. Though she occasionally appeared entangled in romantic entanglements or captivated by the allure of celebrity, such connections were never without ulterior motives. Every action she undertook, even in her adolescence, was calculated to amass power. Within House Thrune, power is not just a means to an end—it is the sole path to survival.5

Following yet another tragic demise that ended Infrexus Thrune's reign in 4709 AR, Abrogail ascended to the position of Infernal Majestrix, assuming absolute control over Cheliax at the tender age of 17. Abrogail's reign has encountered more formidable challenges to Cheliax than any since her great-grandmother's rule. Abrogail I had to contend with rebellions from vassal states such as Andoran and Galt, and now Abrogail II finds herself facing uprisings in Ravounel and Westcrown, albeit with varying degrees of success. While her forces successfully quashed the Glorious Reclamation in Westcrown, Abrogail was compelled to grant independence to Ravounel and has been unable to reclaim the former colony of Vidrian, which she stubbornly refers to as Sargava. These defeats remain an open wound, fueling her relentless contemplation on how to expand her influence in the Inner Sea region.5


Abrogail's every word carries the weight of law, although her decisions are far from immutable. In fact, Abrogail frequently changes her mind, causing her previous edicts to be expunged from the annals of Chelaxian history. Overnight, even the most severe decrees become obsolete and cease to be enforced. Fully aware of her reputation as an immature, capricious, and demanding ruler, Abrogail shrewdly exploits this image to keep those who underestimate her perpetually off balance. However, she primarily maintains control over the fractious noble houses and convoluted bureaucracy of Cheliax through the pervasive grip of fear. For those who personally offend her, her preferred punishment is petrification—an eternal existence as a statue under her watchful eye within the Imperial Palace. These decorative traitors serve as a constant reminder to every visitor, courtier, slave, and fiend of the Infernal Majestrix's unparalleled authority.5

Thrune contracts

Abrogail possesses the rare authority bestowed by Asmodeus himself to engage in infernal contracts with other mortals. Each of these Thrune contracts comes with specific advantages and disadvantages. Negotiations are minimal in a Thrune contract, as Abrogail demands prospective participants to accept her terms or seek alternatives (often leading to Egorian's excruciation fields).5


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