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Type Aberration
CR 2
Environment Any oceans

Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 157

Incutilises are intelligent, shell-bearing cephalopodic sea creatures with a penchant for taking over the bodies of the dead.[1]


With its 5-pound shell, an incutilis weighs about 30 pounds. If stretched out, it measures four feet in length between the tips of its tentacles and shell.[1]


Using its smaller tentacles to burrow into a helpless creature, an incutilis can fill its prey with toxins that place it under the cephalopod's control. This kills the host, resulting in a naturally animated corpse instead of a mystical undead creation; as such, killing an incutilis parasite releases the lifeless corpse.[1]


Incutilises prefer the ocean's depths and feed on larger sea creatures in any state of life or death.[1]

On Golarion

Many colonies of incutilises live in the Okaiyo Ocean. Their methods of hunting include stalking ships caught in storms waiting for sailors to fall overboard; if this takes too long, an incutilis will simply board the vessel and take whom it wants as food. Another cunning ploy is to lure sailors into the water to rescue a drowning person that turns out to be just a dead body animated by the creatures; once in the water the luckless rescuers are mobbed by waiting incutilises.[2]


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