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Okaiyo Ocean

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The Okaiyo Ocean, with Tian Xia to its west and Arcadia to its east.

The Okaiyo Ocean spans the vast maritime gulf between the eastern coast of Tian Xia and the western edge of Arcadia.[1][2] It is the second largest of Golarion's oceans, second only to the cold Antarkos, and sailors consider its largely unexplored open expanses quite hazardous for travel. The Okaiyo runs from pole to pole and is divided by the mighty underwater Sintos Trench.[2]


The floor of the Okaiyo around the Sintos Trench is the home of thousands of underwater cities of numerous races, including iku-tursos and their siyokoy rivals, as well as merrows and sahuagin.[2] The sahuagin, in particular, rule a powerful empire from the depths of the Sintos Trench, where they live in greater numbers than anywhere else in Golarion. Their capital, called Furydeep by those who cannot pronounce its sahuagin name, is home to 10,000 inhabitants before counting the adaros, sharks and slaves who dwell there alongside the fishlike humanoids.[3]

Recent history

A flumph seedpod was recently seen crashing into the Okaiyo, nearly capsizing a fishing fleet in the process. Despite this, there have been no sightings of these strange creatures in the vicinity since then, leading some to wonder if they might have perished during their violent landing.[2]


Paizo published a major article on the Okaiyo Ocean in Aquatic Adventures.