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Nation Steaming Sea
Demographics Aquatic elves
Government Academic
Ruler Riftia

Source: Lost Omens World Guide, pg(s). 69

Irim is a city of aquatic elves hidden in the continental margin off the coast of Ravounel.[1]


Irim's dwellings, built into the continental slope, are concealed by kelp forests and connect to a cave system that has been inhabited since before the elves returned from Sovyrian.[1]


Irim is ruled by the Riftia, a group of scholars who inhabit the deepest caves, breathe from hydrothermal vents, and read portents in the movement of tube worms.[1]


For most of its history, Irim has been hidden from surface dwellers, only communicating with their cousins in the Mordant Spire. Recently, the Riftia has made contact with the government of Ravounel, offering to protect their ports from pirates in exchange for their aid in locating an artifact known as the Lornoc Catalyst, something that they must not reveal to surface elves.[1]


Irim's inhabitants live pastoral lives, tending isopod herds or sea anemone farms.[1]


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