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Aquatic elf

(aquatic, elf)
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Temperate oceans
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 25

Aquatic elves are cousins of their land-living brethren who dwell in Golarion's oceans, particularly in the Steaming Sea near the island of Mordant Spire, and in the Arcadian Ocean.12


Aquatic elves closely resemble their land-dwelling kin, but have developed gills for breathing underwater and webbed fingers and toes for swimming.34

Society and culture

Aquatic elves have an even more overdeveloped sense of self-worth than those found on land. They see their land-bound cousins as limited by their environment, boasting that they have embraced a biome filled with life and endless possibilities. Many aquatic elves adopt the lonely lives of hermits, while some band together into small communities, more for mutual defense than any perceived racial bond. Only two larger cities of their kind are known to exist on the floor of the Arcadian Ocean, in and around the doomed continent of Azlant: Irim, and Quolonrihil.56 Although their exact location is unknown, they are believed to be far from the habitats of their natural enemies, alghollthus and sahuagin.4

Some aquatic elves have been able to train sea cats as guardians and pets if they are caught as cubs.7


Aquatic elves are known to harvest the poison of sea urchins, with which they coat their weapons in combat.8 They have also developed techniques of hardening shell, coral, and flawed pearl to become as hard as steel, but with a fraction of its weight, and fashion both weapons and armor out of this material.9

Mordant Spire

The only land-dwelling race known to maintain cordial relations with aquatic elves are the isolated elves of the Mordant Spire. They do this to take advantage of the ease with which the aquatic elves can explore the Azlanti ruins on the ocean floor.5

Aquatic half-elves

Aquatic half-elves, sometimes called shoreborn, are half-elves having their elven ancestry derive from aquatic elves.10


Malenti appear to be aquatic elves, but are actually sahuagin mutants.11


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