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Unknown; likely during the Age of Serpents
Source: For Queen & Empire, pg(s). 90–91

Ixion, who called himself King Ixion, was a cyclops mesmerist during the early years of ancient Ghol-Gan. Extremely proud and covetous, he started a chain of betrayal that led to the creation of his namesake fiend: ixion worms.1


Ixion used his psychic powers to take over a cyclops tribe and declare himself its king. He took a wife of his own but lusted for his father's, and in pursuit of her eventually betrayed his wife, mother-in-law, and father by luring his father into a spiked pit.1

Sensing Ixion's brutal betrayal, Belialarchdevil of betrayal—sent agents to convince Ixion's wife and mother-in-law to avenge his father's death by killing Ixion in turn. They readily complied, and after stabbing Ixion repeatedly, they strapped his dying body to an oxcart wheel and plowed him to his death through the mud of the lands he claimed to rule.1

Once Ixion's soul reached Phlegethon, Belial asked Ixion to choose between joining his harem in Idolisque or working in the layer's forges, but Ixion responded by disparaging the attractiveness of Belial's consorts. The archdevil ripped Ixion apart for his insolence, rebuilt him into the first ixion worm, and then cast the insolent king into the chasms below after the mangled Ixion continued to insult Belial. To further insult Ixion, Belial instructed his forges to shape every betrayer of families into an identical form.1

Ixion himself continues to anonymously roam Phlegethon as an ixion worm in a vengeful search for the souls of his wife and mother-in-law.1


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