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Age of Serpents

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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Strange Aeons Adventure Path

The Age of Serpents is a term used primarily in the Inner Sea region by those who use the dating system known as Absalom Reckoning for the length of unmeasured time which preceded the rise of humanity on the continent of Azlant. It was marked by the rise of one of Golarion's first mortal race to gain control of large parts of the world and from whom the Age is named: the serpentfolk. Some scholars postulate that the rule of the serpentfolk in this Age stretched across continents and beyond to nearby planetoids. It was preceded by the mythical Age of Creation and was followed by the Age of Legend, when the power of the serpentfolk was eclipsed by other races.[1][2]


  • Some scholars believe that the elves first appeared on Golarion during the Age of Serpents. Even they disagree on whether they were native to the planet or came to Golarion from the planet Castrovel.[2]