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Phlegethon (pronounced FLEG-uh-thon)1 is the fourth layer of Hell and is known as "Hell's Forges".


Phlegethon boasts a perverse contrast between the realm's natural mountains and the hellish industry devoted to mining those mountains and forging the metal pulled from their depths into every conceivable kind of fiendish device. The layer can broadly be divided into the jagged-sharp mountains, worn away by the march of infernal legions and the scrapping of damned souls, and the "civilized" forges, factories, and webs of industry responsible for the layer's prodigious industrial production.2

Souls are melted down within these infernal forges amidst the clang of hammers and the stench of burning flesh. Once purified of weakness and rebellion, these souls are recast into the forms of true devils.3


It is ruled by the archdevil Belial, known as the Father of Whores, who oversees the mass creation of Hell's armaments as well as the designing of new weapons of war.45 Belial rules from his sinful kingdom known as Idolisque that echoes with the screams of his lovers and victims. Belial's advisors scour Phlegethon for the most comely souls for their master to visit his lust upon, offering an eternity beyond the endless toil of Phlegethon's jagged peaks. This is in fact a trap, and those who find themselves amongst Idolisque's ballrooms, harems, torture chambers, and surgical bays are subjected to an even worse fate than those who dwell in the realm below.2


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