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Baalzebul, an archdevil.

Archdevils, also known as archfiends, are the nine major devils who rule the nine layers of Hell. Eight of them are demigods who posses god-like powers (such as the ability to grant spells to their worshipers), but are less powerful than the master of Hell, Asmodeus, who is a true god. The others pay strict obeisance to him.1 Each archdevil represents a different form of punishment for sinful mortals.2


Though they are each worshiped individually or as a group on Golarion, organized cults are rare outside of Cheliax. Those who do venerate an individual archdevil are generally lone cultists who on the surface are normal members of society, while also maintaining small, hidden shrines.1

Known archdevils

The following archdevils are known to exist:

Deceased archdevils

One archdevil in Hell's history has fallen:


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