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Jahin al-Vasti

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Jahin al-Vasti
Titles Chieftain
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Human (Keleshite)
Class Sorcerer 8
Gender Male
Homeland Al-Zabrit, Meraz Desert, Qadira
Organization Al-Zabriti
Tiferi tribe

Source: Adventurer's Guide, pg(s). 9

Jahin al-Vasti is chieftain of the Tiferi tribe, one of the Althameri tribes and among the families that comprises the Al-Zabriti of Qadira.[1]


Jahin is a dark-skinned Keleshite with sharp features and a neatly trimmed beard.[1]


Jahin took over as chieftain after his mother was suddenly blinded; his daughter Elissah al-Marah is the tribe's official heir. Jahin's wife Marah Yaelat keeps a contentious peace within the family, as her son Yaqib al-Marah harbors an intense jealousy of his sister's right to rule.[1][2]


The Tiferi tribe, like other Al-Zabriti families, breeds well-renowned horses imbued with elemental powers. His most prized horse is a golden stallion named Phoenix, progenitor of many of the tribe's misayyah breed of horses. However, Phoenix has recently gone missing, a fact that Jahin would prefer to keep secret as he attempts to locate the horse.[2]