Jess Gildersleeve

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Jess Gildersleeve
Titles Captain
Gender Female
Homeland Varisia:
formerly Roderic's Cove;
latterly Riddleport
Died After 4708 AR
Companion(s) Jana Gildersleeve

Source: Secrets of Roderic's Cove, pg(s). 3, 69

Captain Jess Gildersleeve was a port-governor of the Varisian town of Roderic's Cove. In 4708 AR, Captain Jess Gildersleeve, port-governor at the time, was caught skimming gold from the protection money the town paid to Riddleport pirates. Shamed and threatened with arrest, Jess fled town with her nine-year-old daughter, Jana. Jess and Jana went to Riddleport and lived under the protection of the same syndicate that had been exploiting Roderic's Cove. A few years later, Jess perished in a unfortunate accident on the docks.[1][2]


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